General Proofreading and Editing for Professionals

Today, attracting customers, viewers, or clients is about more than simply pitching your services and ideas. It’s about showing them that you’re knowledgeable and unique. So when it comes to your business’s written materials, being accurate and error-free is important, but so is having a voice.

Hiring an outside eye helps you achieve that polished quality that boosts your brand.

When I’m editing or proofreading your blogs, essays, newsletters, website copy (or whatever else you can dream up), I’m paying attention to more than commas and periods and capitalized letters. I keep your brand in mind. This way, I help you get your message across with style and sophistication.

Proofreading $35 per hour
Copy editing $30 - $45 per hour (Varies per job)
Copy writing Varies per job
Brand consultation $50 flat
  • Proofreading: This is the final look at your product. I am simply looking at surface problems such as spelling, punctuation, formatting, and overall brand identity. If I believe your work needs a more intensive look, I will recommend one of my other packages to you.


  • Line/Copy Editing: A more intensive look at your writing, where I offer feedback on everything included in proofreading as well as organization, flow, word usage, transitions, and more in-depth brand evaluation. Specific goals may be set and requested by the client.


  • Copy Writing: Do you have notes on what you want to say but just can’t figure out how to say it? Don’t waste time stressing about it — let me write it for you! An initial consultation will help me better understand your goals, and any notes, suggestions, or ideas you have will be integrated into whatever product I am creating for you.


  • Brand Consultation: If you’re confident in your knowledge of the Oxford comma but less so about the strength of your writing voice, this is the package for you. Here, I review a range of your materials — which can include anything from blogs, web copy, and newsletters to brochures, business cards, memos, and more — and offer feedback on how to build a unified, cohesive, and recognizable brand through language.

*If you have materials in excess of 10,000 words, please contact me for a quote.



  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • AP Style Manual
  • The Gregg Manual of Style, 10th Ed.
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary


Over the last six years, I’ve gained experience over a variety of editorial roles. From analyzing literary short stories to writing magazine features to composing PR materials (think newsletters, brochures, and blogs), I’ve written quite a bit and read a lot more. I’ve worked in group settings as well as one-on-one, in-person as well as online. As I gained all this experience, I became passionate about not only helping people create impressive and accurate written copy, but helping people find their voices through the words on the page.

For a full list of my editorial experience, please visit my LinkedIn page (and connect with me — I don’t bite!)


My most popular methods of creating feedback is via Word documents and PDF markup. Word documents allow me to create an errata sheet of easily corrected errors while providing ongoing feedback. PDF markup, on the other hand, is a great option for proofreading as I make corrections directly where the errors are and can add comments as needed for minimal questions or suggestions I may have.

Individual methods, goals, and deadlines will be agreed to before work begins on your products.


Unless otherwise agreed, jobs will be invoiced electronically upon completion and payment is expected within 30 days. Payments later than 30 days will incur a 15 percent late fee. Payment options include Venmo, Google Wallet, Zelle, credit card or bank transfers via the invoice, or mailing a check. All options are clearly outlined on the invoice.


Please ask me about my returning client and referral discounts!