CaseCatalyst Scoping for Court Reporters

Your schedule can go from manageable to overwhelming with a single task. And let’s be real — when your plate is just too full, you need a teammate who can take on a heaping serving.

Let me help ease your scheduling burden.

As your meticulous and hardworking scopist, I give you the freedom of extra hours in your day. Hours to work on more jobs, plan for the weekend, spend time with your family, or just unwind from the hundreds of pages you’ve already scoped this week. Take back your free time. Let’s be teammates.

Rates Per Page

Turnaround Price Per Page Time
Standard $1.25 4-5 days
Rush $2.00 1-3 days
Daily $2.50 sooner than 24 hours

Prices assume use of full audio. For no audio or spot-checking, please contact me.

These rates apply to transcripts with 25 typed lines per page or fewer. For transcripts with 28 lines per page, please add an additional $0.03 per page to each price.

Transcripts that grow by 11 percent or more will incur an extra $0.10/page fee. Unclear or “messy” audio may be subject to surcharges at the discretion of Starlight Editorial; you will be notified should this be the case.



  • Margie Wakeman Wells’s Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation
  • Lillian Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters
  • The Gregg Manual of Style, 10th Ed.
  • Merriam-Webster Dictionary


I have completed rigorous training through the course Transcript Proofreading: Theory and Practice, a course specifically designed to train high quality transcript proofreaders. After a year of proofreading (including proofreading to audio), I learned CaseCAT and scoping directly from my trusted proofreading clients, meaning I have learned what works best for reporters, from reporters.

Combined with my natural eye for detail and more than five years of editorial experience, this gives me all the tools I need to make your transcripts shine. For a full employment background, stop by my LinkedIn page (and be sure to connect with me — I don’t bite!).


With the help of Express Scribe, I listen to audio while scoping your work to ensure that every word is correct and accounted for. I translate raw steno, add dropped words and sentences, fix name and spelling errors, and more.

Following the rules is paramount in this business. But sometimes, the rules are meant to be broken. (But only when you say so!) Please complete the Scoping Preferences Sheet so I can get to know your style a little bit better.




Please email me first with your approximate page count and deadline to make sure I am available to take your job for scoping. Before our first job, either you or I will create a shared Dropbox folder with which we can easily exchange CaseCAT and audio files. If you would rather a different method, please email me and we will find something that works for everyone.


My goal is to accommodate all of my clients’ needs. To ensure this, please contact me as soon as you receive word that you will have a rush job to make sure that my schedule will allow me to accept it.


Invoices are emailed on the 1st and 15th of each month. Payment is due within 15 days of invoicing. Payments later than 30 days will incur a 10% Late Fee.

Still have questions? You can contact me or check out the Policies page of Starlight Editorial.