Do I really need an editor, though?


Yes, you do.

Investing in your writing business — and yourself — is crucial if you want to

But I know exactly how my story should go.

Having a clear vision for your novel is vital to success, but details can slip through the cracks. Plot holes, tonal shifts, pacing issues, A and B and C's a lot to think about. 

A manuscript evaluation takes a close, honest look at your story to eliminate confusion and strengthen your narrative as you prepare for more rounds of editing.

I don’t want an editor to change how my story sounds.

Luckily, neither do I! Your voice—your literary aesthetic, writing style, and individual perspective—is what makes your book special. A good editor knows how to strengthen your writing without drowning out your unique voice.

Whether it’s through word choice, rhythm and flow, or dialogue feedback, line editing focuses your prose so that every word enhances the story.

Proofreading is a waste. I’ve read it a million times—it’s clean, I swear!

That’s precisely why you need an outside proofreader. Once you’ve read (and reread…and reread…) the same text multiple times, you’re more likely to miss sneaky typos like transposed words, incorrect punctuation, misspellings, inconsistent usage, or other snafus that happen throughout the editing process.

If you want to offer a professional and polished novel to market, proofreading is essential.

My writing is extremely personal, and I’m nervous about a professional looking at it.

As a writer myself, I get it. Truly. Trusting someone else to not only read, but critique your writing is a very vulnerable thing. When I edit or proofread projects, I strive to provide constructive, actionable feedback to make your writing and your story as great as it can be.

I want you to succeed, and that’s why I do what I do.

I would like some help, but I can’t afford it.

Cover design, advertising, ISBNs, print copies, even audiobook recording…there are tons of expenses to self-publishing, I know, and it can be easy to think that proofreading or editing is just too far down the list. But if you want to build a business as an author, these are vital line items in your budget.

That said, I never want cost to be a barrier to partnership with a promising indie author. If you’re ready to work together, contact me to discuss payment plans and terms that are fair to us both.