Chelsea Adams | Fiction editor & proofreader

Your ideas are dazzling! Invest in them.

Barriers to entry into the publishing world are lowering every day, giving you unprecedented control over how your story is told and shared. That also means the responsibility for offering a polished, professional novel to market also falls on your shoulders.

That’s where I come in! No matter where you are in your writing journey, I can help you.

“We write to taste life twice: in the moment and in retrospect.”

—Anais Nin 

Make an impression.

Did you know more than 7,500 Kindle books are published every day? As accessibility grows, readers have more options than ever. If your book has a confusing plot, flat characters, or is riddled with typos, they’ll DNF and move on. Neither of us wants that.

Keep readers coming back for more by delivering irresistible, error-free stories.